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Custom catering for your meetings and events.

What our partners say...

Lisa Dubrow,
Executive Assistant

Foundation & Corporate Social Responsibility

THANK YOU for the incredible meals. Our board members loved it as did I!


I cannot thank you enough for the flawless execution as well and the fact that you went above and beyond. 

Hard to pick a favorite-but I did LOVE the Halibut and the mash potatoes with the filet were legendary. Endless gratitude to you!

Dr. Ryan Ross,
President & CEO

Urban Leadership Foundation of Colorado

CMe catering is a model of service and professionalism. They provide a five-star experience no matter the budget, venue, or vision. We have been a CME client for three years and will continue this relationship for years to come!

Rob Smith,

Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute

It is always a pleasure working with CMe Catering.  Regina and her team do a great job of working in partnership with you to define event solutions that go beyond just food and tap into the goal of the experience.  In every situation, CME shines.

Catering Services

You choose the service that works best for you.

  • Delivery only.

  • Delivery, set-up & breakdown.

  • Full service.

Box Lunches

Minimum Order Quantity (15)

Minimum Selection Quantity (5)

All utensils and napkins are included and individually wrapped. 


Container Choice

__ Natural-Fiber

      Biodegradable, Compostable, Microwave-Safe

__ Heavy-Duty Plastic

      BPA Free, Reusable, Microwave-Safe

Menu Choices

Wraps $15

includes chips and a fresh baked cookie

__ Roast Beef 🌶️

__ Basil Turkey

__ Chipotle Chicken

__ Veggie Ⓥ


Bowls $15

__ Grilled Chicken Teriyaki 

__ Fish Taco

__ Veggie Ⓥ


Salad $15

__ Grilled Chicken Caesar

__ Grilled Chicken

__ Mediterranean Ⓥ

Custom Services

Send clients, employees, or event attendees a unique & delicious, customized gourmet spread beautifully packaged and delivered.


__ Charcuterie


__ Sweet & Salty


__ Decadence


__ Custom

Request Catering Quote

Type of service for quote (you may select more than one to receive multiple quotes)



Thank you! We will get back to as soon as possible.

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